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Thank you for your interest in The Corinthians.

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Our membership process relies on a sponsor who will engage two endorsers and make an introduction to a current Afterguard member or past Master.  When the Membership Chair sees the complete sponsor form, the Chair will assign a user ID and password and send the candidate an email with a link to complete a Membership Application.  The candidate will have full access to our website and the ability to join any activity at the member price (if any).

When the Membership Chair, which can be the Association Membership Chair or a Fleet Membership Chair, has the sponsor form naming Afterguard or Master and the forms of two endorsers and the candidate, the Association Membership Chair will commend the candidate to the Afterguard at its next meeting, or increasingly by electronic vote. 
Upon approval by a majority of the Afterguard with not more than two objections, the candidate is posted to the membership for 15 days.  Absent any member objection of merit, the candidate is asked to pay initiation and dues, which are modest. From completion of sponsor duties to invitation to join is normally three weeks.  
To start the process, please contact the Membership Chair at email below for an introduction to the Fleet Captain for the Fleet which seems most appropriate.  You can find the Fleet Captains and officers under the About Us tab above.  You can also contact directly any of our members whom you know. The Membership Chair will pass your contact information to the appropriate Fleet Captain to contact you. 

For more information please contact:
Membership Chair
E-mail: [email protected]