The Corporation (a Delaware non-stock corporation) is a Membership Association of amateur yachtsmen known as The Corinthians.


Term Expiring 31 December, 2022


William (Bill) W. Burnham

Master's Mate:

Neil Ross


Eric H. Nietsch


Mary M. West


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors includes the Officers and Elected Board Members

Term Expiring 31 December 2022

David R. Wollin

Term Expiring 31 December 2023

Ken Magida

Cheryl Young


The Afterguard includes the Officers, Fleet Captains and elected Afterguard Members

The Officers and Fleet Captains are members of The Afterguard as long as they hold their respective offices.  The term of office for elected members of The Afterguard is two years.

Fleet Captains

Chesapeake Bay:

Deb Kuba

Long Island Sound:

Britt Whelpley


Jay Weissman

 New England:

Rich Bowers


Elected Afterguard Members

Term Expiring 31 December, 2022

Richard C. Marsh

Term Expiring 31 December, 2021

Sharon Bell

Jim Drinane

 Committees of the Afterguard

Activities Lawrence M. Mead, Chair; Sharon Bell (Port Officer Liaison), Ginny Hilton and Patti Nietsch (Annual Meeting Chairs), David Hornbach (LSC Liaison), John Geissinger (Annual Race/Cruise Chair)
Communications John Butler, Chair; Emma Jimmyer (Webmaster), Robert King (Jibsheet Editor), Richard Marsh  (Association Management Software Support), David Shinkfield (Mainsheet Editor), Susan Theuns (website photos editor), Historian: William P. Thomas, Mary M. West (Yearbook Editor)
Council of Past Masters Lawrence M. Mead, Leigh Seaver, Richard TullRichard Woods
Finance Kraighton Stack, Chair; Eric Nietsch (Paymaster), Richard Marsh, Hank Recla (Ship's Storekeeper), Al Robbert (CB), Heidi Steinmetz (M), Peter Vieira (NE), Leslie Wollin (LIS)
Membership Richard Marsh, Chair; (M) vacant, Jack Naglieri (CB), Keith Pratt (NE), Kraighton Stack (LIS)
Nominating Richard Tull, Chair (by custom, the Immediate past Master); Charles Dixon, George Hallenbeck, Anne Kolker
Race Eric H. Nietsch, Chair; Samuel Fuller (Single- and Double-handed Race Chair), John Geisinger (Annual Race/Cruise Chair), Heidi Steinmetz (Ancient Mariners Race, Frostbite Regatta, and Fleet Challenge Regatta Chair)
Trophy Geoffrey Tobias, Chair; Heather LaMarque, Lawrence M. Mead.  Cynthia Pyron, Leigh Seaver


Updated 01/14/2022