Captain     Deborah Kuba
                    Lieutenant     open
                    Paymaster     Al Robbert 
                    Secretary     Lynda Cesiro
    Woody Leach (Co-Chair)
   Hank Recla (Co-Chair)
   Beverly Billin
                   Communications     Susan Cameron Littleton Theuns
   Janice Cannon (Chair)
   Ed Burke
   Denise Gill
Kathleen Kryza
Henry Maneely
Cynthia Pyron
Beth Winegard
                    Racing     Chris Rogers
                   Crewing     Laurie Duncan

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Sunset on the Bay



Chesapeake Bay Calendar Events (coded with CB)

All four of the Corinthian Fleets operate many events all year long. All Corinthians are invited to all Fleet activities. For the latest Fleet information and/or to register for a cruise, race or an event, visit Our Calendar page.