2018 Chesapeake Bay Fleet

Committee Members

Fleet Captain: John Butler
Fleet Lieutenant: Hank Theuns
Advisory: David Hall, Hank J. Recla, William P. Thomas
Crewing: Linda C. Pasley, Laurie Duncan
Historian: W. John Pasley
Membership: Michael Zoll
Paymaster: Lyn Rockhill
Public Affairs: Denise Gill
Racing: Mary M. West, Deb Kuba
Secretary: Robin Meigel
Activities Afloat Emma Jimmyer

Activities Ashore

Henry Meneely, David Shinkfield

Chesapeake Cruise Photo Gallery - The Corinthians.ORG
  Sunset on the Bay


Annapolis and Philadelphia Fleet merger to form the Chesapeake Bay Fleet

Chesapeake Bay Calendar Events (coded with CB)
Chesapeake Bay Bulletin Board
All three of the Corinthian Fleets operate many events all year long. All Corinthians are invited to all Fleet activities. For the latest Fleet information and/or to register for a cruise, race or an event, visit "Our Events" page.
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