Welcome to The Corinthians

The Corinthians is a non-commercial membership association of over five hundred amateur yachtsmen and women (beginners and experts. Our primary objectives are to promote sailing, to encourage good fellowship among yachtsmen afloat and ashore, and to introduce non-boat-owning amateur sailors and boat-owners needing crew.

After 80 years, the organization still concerns itself with sailors at all levels of skill and experience – from circumnavigator to enthusiast, and endeavors to offer opportunities for growth in seamanship and comradery.

Membership in Our Association

The Corinthians are a unique group of people who have an abiding interest and passion in boats, sailing, and things nautical. We do not have a clubhouse - however, we do have a widely recognized flag, which we fly with pride. Founded in New York City, we have grown to include fleets in Annapolis, Mystic, New England, and Philadelphia.

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The Corinthians Ocean Race

This bi-annual race attracts competitive racers from near and afar. This Corinthian sponsored event (affectionately known as the Lobster Run) is held in conjunction with the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club and the Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club. The 2016 race will be the fifth running of this popular event that happens biannually on even numbered years.

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