Breadth of Opportunities

We have a special relationship with an English club with whom each two years we join their Annual Cruise and they join ours.  We also join them in cruises by chartered boats in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. 
Our members have routinely raced to Bermuda and won classes and overall honors.  Some have circumnavigated and others have campaigned race boats through the major ocean race circuit and trans-Atlantic races.  Every few years, we charter 12 meters in Newport to race privately.  With that racing heritage, our cruises usually include day races from port to port. 
We do honor the small boat racing where we all learned.  For over 25 years, we have had an annual Frostbite regatta day in Dyer Dhows at Mystic Seaport in Dyers we have donated and others.  We have also had a pair of races in boats of all sizes, most recently in Ideal 18s.  But what we are about is big boat cruising.  
“The Corinthians” is an independent association.  “Corinthian” in this context means “amateur yachtsman” and appears in names of many clubs and associations.  There is no umbrella organization of clubs and associations using Corinthian in their names.

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