The Corinthians Association

The Corporation (a Delaware non-stock corporation) is a Membership Association of amateur yachtsmen known as The Corinthians.


Office of the Club Manager
      Linda C. Pasley

Board of Directors
Term Expiring 31 December 2016

     Richard M. Woods

Term Expiring 31 December 2015

     Robert Ebin

     Mary West

The Corinthians Afterguard

The Afterguard is a special committee of Members to assist the Board of Directors.  


The Afterguard consists of the Master, the Master's Mate, the Paymaster, the Secretary, six regular members, the Fleet Captain from each Fleet and additional elected and appointed members. The Master, Master's Mate, Paymaster, Secretary, and Fleet Captains are members of The Afterguard as long as they hold their respective offices. The term of office for regular members of The Afterguard is two years.

The Afterguard meets at least six times per calendar year.

Officers of the Corinthians Association
Term Expiring 31 December, 2014

Master:               Lisa Jewett

Master's Mate:  W. Burleigh Seaver

Pay Master:        Domenic L. De Gaetano

Secretary:           David A. Linforth

Fleet Captains: 

Annapolis -           Julian V. Bigden                                                                                                   

Mystic -                 Kevin E. Miller

New England -      Peter F. Vieira

Philadelphia -         David R. Shinkfield

Elected Afterguard Members
Term Expiring 31 December, 2015

     David Hall

     Neil Newton

     David Siwicki

Term Expiring 31 December, 2016

     Arthur "Port" Draper, Jr.

     William W. Burnham

     Corky Rittenbaugh

Committees of the Master

Finance: Kevin Hughes, Chairman
Fred B. Chester, Domenic L. DeGaetano, Lawrence C. Blount,                      Corky Rittenbaugh, Clinton H. Springer


William P. Thomas, Editor
Katherine Kriebel, Associate Editor
Jason P. Calfo, Graphic Arts                                                                            Linda C. Pasley, Production


W. John Pasley, Editor
Jason P. Calfo, Art Director                                                                              Linda C. Pasley, Directory Editor


J. Jay Mautner, Chairman                                                                                 David A. Linforth, Co-Chairman
Hank Recla (Annapolis)
Rodney W. Devine, John A. Kiszkiel, II (Mystic)
Duncan G. Todd (New England)                                                                          Open (Philadelphia)

Master's Advisory:           Kevin Hughes., Chairman

Nominating:                            Alice Neely Mutch, Chairman

Public Affairs:                    Dave Wilder, Chairman

Little Ship Club Liaison:  Lawrence C. Blount

Shore Activities:               Elliot and Kendell Storm, Co-Chairman                             

                                             Robert J. Osborn, Jr., Leslie Wollin, Richard Marsh,                                                                                                    Rodney W.  Devine

Historians:                               Paula A. Lysak, William P. Thomas, Roy Vollmer

Trophy:                                      Cynthia Pyron & Richard M. Woods, Co-Chairmen

Ship's Store:                           Paul Jagger, Storekeeper

Web Site:                                   Linda C. Pasley, David A. Linforth

Committees of the Master's Mate


Linda C. Pasley, Senior Member
Siegfried E. Boettjer, (Philadelphia)
Joyce Greene, (New York Metro)
                       Sharon Bell (Mystic)
Linda C. Pasley, (Annapolis)
Duncan G. Todd, (New England)

Race: Mary M. West, Chairman


W. John Pasley, Chairman

Port Officer Liaison:               Stephen M. Zwarg

Annual Cruise:                          Peter Vieira

Frostbite Regatta:                   John A. Kiszkiel II, Chairman
                                                            Hallie Payne, Coordinator for Mystic Seaport

Ancient Mariners Race:       
Thomas S.  Bragdon, Jr. Chairman

Interfleet Regatta:
                   Mary M. West, Chairman

Single & Double Handed Race:       Sam Fuller, Chairman