Who We Are

The Corinthians are a unique group of people who have an abiding interest and passion in boats, sailing, and things nautical. While this passion may defy precise description, when we are near the water, we feel our spirits rise and a sense of excitement and challenge that is not often found in our lives ashore.

The Corinthians Association
In many ways, The Corinthians Association is as different from other boating organizations and clubs as the people who decide to become members. We are a diverse group from every walk of life and background, not fitting any particular social or economic profile. We celebrate individuality, the joys of fellowship, and the pride of association without regimentation or contrived social pressures. Whether sailing or crewing in-company with others, or making a solo passage, the Corinthian spirit abounds on land and at sea.

We do not have a clubhouse - however, we do have a widely recognized flag, which we fly with pride. We have only a modest initiation fee and annual dues to defray the cost of administration and newsletters to keep us all informed of opportunities afloat and ashore. Awards for outstanding achievement and service are presented annually. Our organization does not compete with other sailing clubs for membership because membership in The Corinthians provides opportunities that not only differ from, but complement the activities provided by more traditional local yacht clubs. Indeed, many Corinthians are also members of local sailing clubs and class-boat organizations.

You do not have to own a boat to become a member and, in fact, many of our members do not own boats. Corinthians and their prospective members are not judged by the size, type or absence of a vessel.

The organization was founded in New York City and the steering committee, known as the Afterguard, continues to meet every month at the New York Yacht Club. Election of flag officers and members of the Afterguard is conducted annually. In addition to the New York membership, there are chapters, known as Fleets, in Annapolis, Mystic, New England, and Philadelphia. Each Fleet has its own officers who meet to serve members in their geographic area by developing their own annual program of local events. In conjunction with The Corinthians Association events in the New York area and from Maine to Virginia, all Fleet activities are open to all Corinthians and their guests.


What does a Corinthians Membership Offer?

The Annual Race/Cruise
This week-long cruise-in-company, held usually in the first week of August, is centered in a different region each year, from the Chesapeake Bay to the coast of Maine. It provides great cruising and racing in the Corinthians spirit, and is complemented by first-rate shore events and festivities. That over forty summer cruises have flowed under Corinthians keels is a testament to their success and popularity.

The Corinthians Ocean Race
This bi-annual race is attracting competitive racers from near and afar. This Corinthian sponsored event (affectionately known as the Lobster Run) is held in conjunction with the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club and the Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club.

Year-long Activities Afloat and Ashore
Activities vary from cruises, races and events on the Association and Fleet level and appeal to all members with a wide range of experience. Of equal value are the informal opportunities to sail with other members, or meet with fellow sailors flying The Corinthians flag in a strange port or a familiar anchorage.

For many skippers the opportunity to find competent crew makes the difference between going and not going. For the crew, it provides opportunities to sail on a variety of boats in different waters, at home or abroad, cruising or racing, thereby building confidence and enhancing enjoyment.

Every year there are "crew calls" from skippers going south for the winter or north for summer, or east to Bermuda. Following successful cruises with members of The Little Ship Club of London, we now have members in the UK. This has historic significance because the original idea of bringing together skippers and crew was modeled on the example provided by The Little Ship Club.

Port Officers
Part of the Corinthian tradition, carried forward from The Little Ship Club, is to provide local knowledge and assistance to cruising fellow members. Our Port Officers provide mooring information, and access to local information and facilities. And our association with The Little Ship Club extends a worldwide network of Port Officers who are prepared to assist members of both organizations.